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Great resources you've been posting! Nice job! "-)
Talk to PositiveMommy
 in response to sandy24...   Hi sandy24
I don't complain to anyone as it is another complex next door separate from this one and people are nicer. Here is it is like peyton place or the ones that move in aren't very nice. Have a few good ones here but one moved. I got a pumpkin pie with groceries today OMG like soup. Thing wasn't cooked. That would make you lose your appetite. It was a nice day but I need to put a jacket on. Took a box and trash out. Then I get this box with the foam peanuts -- hate them. Rather use newspaper for stuffing.
Hang in there. What can you do? If it is going to snow it will snow. Stay warm and get well already.. I use to do that too but did not this year.
I am feeling good today no you know what again but this apartment complex it is like no one has anything better to do besides minding there own business. Trip.
At this time of year we hibernate, celebrate for what we have and eat and be merry. LOL. Oh stay warm and hope for a better year for everyone...
Thank you.
Hugs and love and keep the dogs and the Chief in good shape..
love you
Heard earlier that Queen of soul - Aretha Franklin has pancreatic cancer then day John Lennon was shot - long ago.
Hope you feel better too.
And I am listening to the news and it is a mess!! Not good news on the news..
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 in response to sandy24...   Hello Sandy I went to bed by then as I took a nap and then got up as days are short.. I hope you get over that nasty cold soon. Life here is never without being boring and people trying to stir things up and heard place next door cheaper and people nicer. Oh well, I can pick them. Man like to find something better and someone suggested Idaho and even Nevada.. Not sure..And another said Florida well not keen on hurricanes..
love you and get better. I am like you when it comes to colds, I don't like them at all. Get well soon!!
hugs and love
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 in response to positive thoughts...   Hi And glad your day went great. And you got your hair cut short. How short as I remember the picture and it was shoulder length. You will need to wear a hat and bundle up with 5 below. I was in London Canada when I was 14. It was closed as it was a Sunday. I was shocked got printer paper and thought it was stuff for my leg. Then today I got a clock and I needed it as just have bedroom clock and looked at prices for one just went without. Someone got it from and I looked at their prices but not too bad but I don't know how to order there if I could. I have been getting IBS Sunday and then this morning. I hope it stops and when I have blue berries frozen that does it. So guess have to have a few. I don't know and usually don't bother me.
Well I am glad you got on here tonight and have good nights rest!!
I hope you can sleep too. I have had problems staying asleep waking at 6AM think too much on my mind. Try to nap during the day.
love you too
good night
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positive thoughts
Hi, thankyou my day went great. Got my hair cut short today. I feel lighter LoL. Very cold in -'s not sure think minus 5. we finally got snow. Not too much but enough for them to plow roads and shovel sidewalk. London area real bad there they have school closing for 2 day now. Am about 1 hour and half away from there. So you were surprised with someone sending you clock awsome. I'm going back to bed so hope can sleep. 4 hours got to be up again. Love you good night.
Talk to positive thoughts
 in response to sandy24...   Hi and going to bed . I had my food and then had to hit the loo and not stomach vomit but the other. I had a sandwich and food bar for dinner going to bed. and hope Monday is better. Got things done on net trash out and then the deluge started rain heavy..
Well love have to crash in bed.
Stay warm and get some hot chocolate going..
zero down either as I lost my energy..
love you and feel better
we got to stay well
hugs love
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 in response to positive thoughts...   Just okay. Need to order food and got the paper work but haven't had a chance to look at it. Lot of questions.
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positive thoughts
How is it going? Any more news on your suv.
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 in response to prolifer...   You are welcome and there are many Agape Houses I found out.
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 in response to Starshine...   Thank you for responding, I am a student of human services and I was trying to interview someone from The Agape House for a report on youth homeless in my area. Thank you very much. Blessings!
Talk to prolifer
 in response to sandy24...   Oh lucky sandy24
My heater when I turn it on sets off smoke detector in the other room and waiting for Ed.
Have a great time lucky..:))))
BUT happy for you :)))))
hugs and love
miss you
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 in response to sandy24...   Yeah for snow and it is cold here. I drove on icy road in Fawnskin and old VW started to slide and my sister freaked. I told her to shut up as all we could do is go down a little cliff and I straightened the car out so it was okay.
Dogs love snow some do. Staying warm and had my shower before the deluge. Off to find assistance for me lol for heating bill. And do need to declutter here with the boxes so will see. Love u and have fun take care
Talk to Starshine
Misty Creek
 in response to sandy24...   LOL you are having too much fun here. I am so glad for you and your snow, but please if you can just keep it up there, I really don't want snow. Makes roads too scary. Especially the ones down here where folks can't stay on their side of the road when its dry. Gives me shivers just thinkin about it.
Talk to Misty Creek
 in response to hobie52...   

Hello hobie52 and you are welcome

Below is link for Christmas Information and help such as toysfortots, wishuponahero and more.


and shelters too.

Greater Lansing Food Bank    
PO Box 16224
Lansing, MI 48901

Foodbank Council Of Michigan Inc    
501 N Walnut
Lansing, MI 48933

Our Savior Lutheran Food Bank     (517) 882-7750
1515 W Holmes Rd
Lansing, MI 48910


Rental Help:  Michigan
More From HUD     -
-       What is Public Housing?
-       What are Housing Choice Vouchers?
-       Fair housing
-       More rental assistance
-       Income limits
-       Landlords
-       Tenants
-       Senior citizens
-       People with disabilities

Subsidized Apartments
HUD helps apartment owners offer reduced rents to low-income tenants.  To apply, contact or visit the management office of each apartment building that interests you.

-       Search for a subsidized apartment

Public Housing and Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8)
To apply for either type of help, visit your local Public Housing Agency (PHA).

-       PHAs in Michigan
-       Links to PHA websites

Some PHAs have long waiting lists, so you may want to apply at more than one PHA. Your PHA can also give you a list of locations at which your voucher can be used.

Need advice?
-       Contact a housing counseling agency

Other Michigan Resources     -
-       Local tenant rights, laws and protections
-       Help with your utility bills
-       Find rural units for rent  -
-       Upper Michigan
-       Lower Michigan
-       Independent living centers
-       Rentals from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority
-       Low Income Housing Tax Credit units
-       HOME contacts

Content current as of 1 October 2010           Follow this link to   Back to Top  

I hope this covers it all if not let me know if I can find anything else you may need.
Have a great Christmas


Talk to Starshine
 in response to hobie52...   
Thank you. Are you homeless and need a homeless shelter?
Or want to get on public housing?
Talk to Starshine
 in response to Starshine...   Lansing,mi.,Housing,food,and a Christmas.Thankyou
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 in response to sandy24...   Hello sandy24.
I heard that is was raining there. All is okay here and I took a nap and getting ready for rain rain..I tape naps during the day. Like just now. Got up for a while and not much going on. I can't believe it is December. That is usually what I would do to with doctor, dentist and write it off on taxes if you have enough to write off.
I am glad you are getting the doctor visits take care of now.
stay dry and we are do for rain Sunday.
Love and hugs
Stay in touch as I have been wondering where you were!!
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 in response to prolifer...   Sorry I don't know. What city and state are in you? And what do you need? Do you need housing, food etc... so I can search for you?
Talk to Starshine
I read your article on The Agape House, I tried contacting them on the phone listed but it is disconnected, do you know if they have a different # to be reached?
Talk to prolifer
 in response to positive thoughts...   Yes it sure was unexpected and so I am SO HAPPY for you!!!! At the right time- Amen !!! He sure did place you at the right time and right place.
hugs and love and congratulations
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